Heart of the Family has been the local Reader’s Choice for the last two years and is one of only two 24-hour child care centres in all of Canada, with exceptional programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-agers.

Safety First

Safety is our priority. Heart of the Family’s facilities include 24×7 video monitoring and recording in every room, ensuring your kid’s safety anytime they are on Heart of the Family’s premises.

Effective Communication

Heart of the Family uses HiMama to make it easier than ever for parents to stay in touch with their child’s day.



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Cynthia Burk

"My husband and I are moving from Cornwall and I could not leave without waving a huge flag of love and appreciation for Heart of the Family Child Care Center! Our son Tristan has hung out since ten months old and is now two and a half. Our little guy put the staff through their paces as Tristan was plagued by seizures which thankfully only come on occasion now. Besides the epilepsy, Tristan is autistic which can be a challenge but Heart has been wonderful at understanding him. I struggle to find the words to express our immense gratitude and love. Tristan will miss his Heart of the Family ‘Mamas’ and we will also. THANK YOU and we love you all!"


Alison Rowe

"I have my three children attending Heart and they love it there! We always feel like the teachers and staff all truly care for our children and treat them like they would their own family! Whenever we have a concern or a problem, the administration is right there listening to us and working with us to find a solution. I highly recommend Heart!"

hour childcare

Extended hours are very rarely provided for in-group care and very hard to find in home care. When we opened our Centre  in 2009 our objective was to break barriers and provide licensed care for the non-traditional work force – allowing more families to work and provide for their families in Cornwall and the United Counties.

Heart of the Family currently offers care for families in careers such as nursing, emergency services, logistics and distribution and many others. We also serve families when they go to school and/or training programs with child care needs outside of daytime traditional Monday to Friday hours.

Subsidies are available through the City of Cornwall for those families who qualify.

Give us a call if you want more information on this program or how we can serve you and your families needs.


Let’s start at the very beginning…

Babies grow and change dramatically during their first year. Our Infant Program is geared towards both the encouragement and development of each child at his or her own rate.  The Infant Program provides an environment of constant wonder as each child enters a new phase of their development.

It is with pleasure that we, the staff in the Infant program, welcome you and your child to our “home”. We are committed to our program and we do our best to respond to the changing needs of each child.  We encourage full communication between parents and ourselves. Two way communication at this age really supports consistency for your child so please let our staff know how we can best serve you and your family!


A World of Discovery!

A child joins our Toddler Program at approximately 18 months. If they have been previously enrolled your child has already had frequent visits to the one of our toddler rooms. It is important to us that your child is comfortable with our teachers, other children and the schedule.

As toddlers develop friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity, our Toddler program will help them explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment.

Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help toddlers develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially.


Learning, Laughing, Loving!

The Preschool program consists of children from approximately 30 months to 6 years of age. The Preschool program is one which will encourage all aspects of your child’s development. Our day is full of a variety of activities to keep the children busy, happy and learning!

A child’s future is largely determined in the first six years of life. Through play-based learning in our structured programs, children will develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

“Play is how preschoolers learn about the world”.

In our program we want children to be able to make choices; when they decide they are ready for the next challenge – Our staff are always prepared!

Our rooms are arranged into various learning centers such as: art, pretend play, computer, sensory, blocks and science. Children are encouraged to move freely from area to area choosing activities they wish to participate in. We provide a variety of activities and experiences that promote independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality.


Belonging, Being, Becoming…

As with the kindergarten program only more so, we really encourage and guide the children at heart of the Family in:

  • decision making,
  • choices,
  • conflict resolution,
  • open discussion,
  • peer association,
  • adult/child equality discussions,
  • freedom of expression, and
  • the right to be heard, listened to and respected

Our School Age program has the added opportunity for children to move freely throughout the center choosing where they would like to be. We have a variety of rooms available for their choice:

  • The lounge area is one option where they can enjoy a movie, or just sit, relax and read.
  • In the rug room, they can enjoy challenging board games or other cognitive skill activities.
  • The gym has co-operative games, and
  • Our computer room has video, computer activities, and games for all levels and age-groups.

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